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Silicon Valley shares its Digital Transformation Experience

Gain interesting insights directly from managers and experts from the San Francisco Bay Area and realize new competitive advantages! What actually makes the Silicon Valley unique and what is the Silicon Valley approach regarding digital transformation and disruption, business model innovation, change management, emerging businesses, innovation, leadership, AI strategy, corporate culture etc.?
  • 5 conference days with 41 presentations
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The videos will be available on February 01, 2020.

The conference “Silicon Valley shares its Digital Transformation Experience” consists of two parts:

PART 1: Watch pre-recorded videos on any day and at any time you want!

Quite often, people are prevented from participating in conferences due to a lack of time in a specific week or month. At our conference, you can watch pre-recorded videos whenever you want. You may for example watch two videos on Monday morning, continue with another one on Thursday afternoon and watch the rest after your holiday or even during the next months. If there is an urgent phone call, you simply interrupt the video and continue watching, later. In addition, the advantage of pre-recorded videos is that they are optimized, before their final version is made available to the attendees.

PART 2: Take part online in the interactive live session in order to communicate and network with the speakers and with other attendees!

After having watched the videos, you might want to discuss your questions with the speakers and to network with other attendees. For that purpose, we invite you to enter our virtual conference room in which you can start discussions and conversations with anyone you like, just as in real life.

The 41 videos have a length of 30 hours in total.

The interactive session (Part 2) will have a length of two hours. Its date will be announced quite early in order to ensure that your calendar is not already blocked at this date. There will also be a second date, at which the interactive session is repeated. You can also nominate a colleague who participates in the interactive session, instead of you. You can even take part in both of these sessions, if you like.


45 minutes

Silicon Valley in a post COVID world – We build again!

San Francisco and the broader Silicon Valley was one of the first regions in the USA to promulgate a “shelter in place” ordination during the early period of COVID-19. While this preemptive move potentially saved countless lives, it did have an immediate and chilling effect on the startup economy. While bringing a few startups such as Zoom into prominence – the entire value chain, from venture capital, early to late stage startups and consumers have had to rapidly adapt to an entirely new world. Examples from this time provide blueprints of fear, resiliency and adaptability – insights into the true DNA of the valley. While there will be many firms going belly-up, what is certain is that the survivors will emerge stronger, bigger and more resilient than their peers.

45 minutes

From Augmented Reality applications to Digital Companion

With Augmented Reality (AR) becoming a substantial part of modern day manufacturing, using AR-based systems to train and support workforces is becoming increasingly popular. The industrial domain offers a high degree of standardization, a variety of very specialized use cases, and an abundance of resources. These characteristics provide perfect conditions for Digital Companion systems. A Digital Companion is a cognitive agent that assists human users by taking on three roles: as guardians, assistants or mentors, and partners. This talk describes different use cases and open challenges regarding Augmented Reality applications in industry and the introduction of an industrial Digital Companion.

45 minutes

Change Management Culture in Silicon Valley

We’ve all made attempts to influence change in our company culture. We will cover the patterns of three Silicon Valley companies that made a positive change. We’ll look into the early growth of a design-thinking culture seen at PayPal, the introduction of Silicon Valley culture to Rosetta Stone, and the transformation of Symphony Communications into a unicorn start-up.

As part of the team that helped lead the transformation of these three incredible companies, we’ll be reviewing the strategy, tactics, and culture of how each turned into an “Agile-Thinking” company using Lean Principles and Design-Thinking. I will educate and inspire the audience on the critical steps taken from all three companies and how to replicate them in your organizations

45 minutes

The Innovation Ecosystem Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is not just a place, it is a state of mind. This talk aims to unveil the hidden history of the world’s leading innovation ecosystem. Furthermore you will learn about the special culture and mechanisms that make Silicon Valley tick. By taking a closer look at mobility trends you will understand which crucial role this region plays in inventing the future.
45 minutes

Translating Design Thinking Culture

Digital Transformation and Silicon Valley’s culture of disruption go hand-in-hand. By taking inspiration from the Bay’s ability to rapid prototype and innovate by failing fast, industries all over the world are developing growth mindsets from the ground up and mirroring the free-form spirit of the start-up.

This presentation will focus on translating the buzz around Design Thinking and how the skills of practitioners such as IDEO, the Stanford, IBM, Google, Microsoft, and more can be used outside of San Francisco with the same impact.

45 minutes

Why A Swiss Telco Has An Outpost In Silicon Valley, How It Works, What It Hopes To Achieve There

Silicon Valley has been the focal point for innovation for decades. Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telco and IT provider, has been scouting the San Francisco Bay Area for the newest and greatest technology for over 20 years. However, innovation is hard and merely having a physical presence among the masses of startups and big-tech companies does not guarantee success by any means.

How does Silicon Valley work? Do you need to be in the Valley yourself? And what role can you play there? These are some of the questions we will try to answer in this introduction to the Swisscom Outpost.

45 minutes

How to Innovate with Silicon Valley Startups

Based on my decades of working experience in Silicon Valley, I will discuss how established companies could leverage the world renowned innovative power of high tech startups. There are many benefits working with companies as they can leapfrog your business with wonderful new technology. However, there are also many pitfalls, especially for those companies in regulated industries such as healthcare and banking. This talk will illustrate both benefits and challenges with my first-hand knowledge from Bank of America, Blue Shield of California, and Castlight Health. Best practices are also discussed so that you can develop your best strategy to use startups as your springboard to success.

45 minutes

A Distinctive Approach to Strategy by Silicon Valley Companies

Some of the most successful technology companies in Silicon Valley have a adopted a very different approach to strategy. This talk will explore the distinctive elements of the Zoom Out/Zoom In approach to strategy. Rather than adopting the five year planning horizon of most conventional approaches to strategy this approach focuses on two very different time horizons – 10-20 years and 6-12 months. This approach has some significant advantages. It takes managers out of their comfort zone and forces them to question some of the most basic assumptions about their business. It also helps to focus near-term initiatives on impact that will really matter in a rapidly changing world.

45 minutes

The Post-Digital World: Changing technology, lives, and business

Across time, dominant economic models have transitioned from pre-industrial to industrial to digital. The ‘digital economy’ brought with it great wealth, social transformation, and new ways of seeing the world. In this talk we argue that there is a new economic model which we call ‘post-digital’. Of course a post-digital world leverages digital technology. But the opportunities it creates, and even the way of thinking that it fosters, are as radically different from the digital economy as the digital economy was from the industrial. This talk will explore the post-digital world and its implications.

45 minutes

How Do Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists evaluate European companies?

European companies are often evaluated through US eyes. This may give them some advantages over their American counterparts, but may also pose some challenges because of the unique characteristics of European businesses. In this talk we will highlight some differences between US-based startups and European ones, and address the ways in which European founders and executives could leverage the advantages and avoid the pitfalls.

45 minutes

The DNA of Your Workforce Post Crisis: A Silicon Valley View

Today’s unprecedented environment has brought new challenges to people and organizations. Leaders everywhere are in a race to adapt new models for rebuilding and reimagining jobs – and with a dynamically shifting labor market, leaders cannot rely on talent operating models of the past. To stay competitive, leaders need the ability to build new skills and rapidly deploy their existing workforce in innovative ways. Join us for a presentation on a Silicon Valley view of rebuilding the DNA of your workforce with CEO of Hitch, Kelley Steven-Waiss. Kelley will be sharing her paradigm-shifting insights on how to rethink the workforce by introducing the next-generation talent operating model. She will share B2B enterprise case studies and her own stories as a CHRO and Chief Innovation Officer as described in her recently released book, The Inside Gig: How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Performance.

45 minutes

A Silicon Valley Approach to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a journey that starts with a digital transformation strategy. The focus of this presentation will be on a Silicon Valley digital transformation experience and what has been learned along the way. When developing a digital transformation plan, several best practices are highlighted that may help others embarking on, or in the midst of their own digital transformation. The methodology and tools can be used in any transformational program. Finally, examples of digital transformation programs are shared to spark your imagination as you explore your own digital transformation opportunities.

45 minutes

Silicon Valley Innovation Best Practices in a Data and AI-Powered World

This presentation discusses Silicon Valley innovation best practices based on iterative and evidence-based approaches and a strong focus on the customer. It also highlights the importance of having a data-driven strategy to execute promising ideas. As data and the derived insights are becoming a key to business success, companies need to learn how to acquire data in their day to day operation (via digital transformation of their processes and activities) and make the most out of this data. It must be part of the company’s culture, and it is an essential area of focus for the company’s wellbeing. As digital transformation is taking place, data and analytics can be used as a springboard for innovation together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Throughout this presentation we will discuss how, for many Silicon Valley companies, data is becoming a competitive advantage and an engine for growth, how AI and ML will create different types of business, and how we see the evolution of man-machine collaboration in the AI era.

45 minutes

Business Model Innovation: Insights from the Silicon Valley

Would you ever eliminate the R&D function from your business? Of course not. It generates profitable new revenue. Anyone can look back over 10 years and measure the return on that investment. But does your company have a Business Model Innovation function? Very few do, despite the fact that business model innovation has created trillions of dollars in market capitalization driven by new businesses you read about every day. Ten years from now, leading companies will have just such a function and will have new profitable revenue to show for it.

In Silicon Valley, we regard new products and business models as two sides of the same coin. But not everyone has the same understanding of just what business model innovation is. This talk will answer several important questions so you can get the conversation started in your business.

  • What is a business model?
  • When is the right time to consider a new business model?
  • How do incumbents respond to a new business model?
  • How can my company engage in business model innovation?
45 minutes

Transformation Through Innovative Leadership

The persona of leaders and their execution has transformed, as technology has enabled rapid innovation, constant communication, and global interconnectivity. Consequently, the demands placed on leaders have evolved. There are four key pillars that drive the transformation in this digital Information Era. This distributive mode of leading organization optimizes Return on Investment (ROI), insights to Business Intelligence (BI) and insights that can be driven by Artificial intelligence (AI).

60 minutes

A Future View of Artificial Intelligence and a Current View of the Role of Ethics and Open Source in Getting There

Artificial Intelligence remains a challenge for companies to get right. It will take decades to solve the major challenges facing AI researchers – and we present a roadmap to the future of AI.

Among others, this presentation will address questions like the following:

  • Why has open source become strategically so important?
  • What is the timeline for solving AI and Intelligent Automation?
  • When can a CEO buy AI capability <X> for price <Y>?
  • Who are the leaders driving AI progress?
  • What will the biggest benefits from AI be?
  • What are the biggest risks associated with AI, and are they real?
  • What other technologies may have a bigger impact than AI?
  • What are the implications for stakeholders?
  • How should we prepare to get the benefits and avoid the risks?

 In addition,  CEOs and managers of all industries should be aware of the megatrend in open source collaboration and  where companies can come together to work on the future of AI.

Finally, executives, developers, and informed citizens should be aware of how best to advance AI ethics for business and society.

45 minutes

Old Economy Meets Silicon Valley. Somewhere in the Middle.

The Volkswagen Group has been operating offices in Silicon Valley for more than a decade. We are an old economy company, and we have been in business for 83 years, but make no mistake: being around for a long time does not guarantee a glorious future. One of the reasons for our presence in Silicon Valley has always been learning from those who made future their business, and attracting new talent. Another is to understand and learn about cutting edge technologies – Silicon Valley is not hesitant to explore radical ideas, and failing is not a stigma, as long as you learn something. On the flip side, not only good things happen where the future dictates the present – keeping your history in mind, and learning from the past is a strength, too. In this talk, we will explore where the old economy and the valley of the future meet. Somewhere in the middle.

45 minutes

Scaling product organizations – Silicon Valley style

In this talk, Vijaya Kaza synthesizes key themes that helped her scale product and R&D organizations at some of the leading high tech companies in Silicon Valley. Vijaya notes that scaling product organizations of any size takes a combination of technological, business, as well as cultural aspects done right. She provides specific examples and stories from her 20+ year career that led to these insights. These practical tips should be helpful to anyone looking to successfully lead and scale similar organizations across the globe.

45 minutes

Follow a practical step-by step guide to digitally transform your organization and realize business outcomes

Digital Transformation is either the defining technology issue of our time, or the most overused and misunderstood phrase thrown around every day.  What does it really mean?  What’s the value in doing it?  How do you measure the progress you’re making?  At ServiceNow, we have designed and built a practical, repeatable approach of how we digitally transform our business.  In this session, we’ll share our digital transformation framework, how we assess, improve, and track our digital maturity, and truly achieve our desired business outcomes. Regardless or your enterprise focus you’ll learn how to apply this framework to your company and take the lessons learned back to your team.


45 minutes

Developing a Customers First Mindset

Customers have more information at their fingertips and more choice in products than ever before. Engaging customers in today’s world is hard. With COVID, businesses have had to accelerate their digital transformation. As more people are working remote, businesses will need to invest in building meaningful relationships with customers to attract them, retain them, and develop loyalty. This talk will focus on three key principles – Engagement, Expectations and Empowerment to help business leaders understand how to keep customers first to build relationships and scale their business in a profitable way in this new world.

45 minutes

Anatomy of a Successful AI Project

Artificial intelligence is a game-changer in so many market verticals – and we are just scratching the surface in unlocking these developments in domains like healthcare, life sciences, and autonomous vehicles. At the same time, though, many projects look to incorporate AI without understanding what problems this technology solves – which leads to delays and disappointments. Companies must embark upon a journey to incorporate AI into their software and into their DNA – and there are common patterns to achieve success. This presentation will step through the lifecycle incorporating AI into a solution, looking at the types of personas, and the techniques to develop this technology. It will then step through the challenges and pitfalls of AI implementation and how to avoid them. Ultimately, AI will make software better, faster, more efficient and effective, but one must understand how to scope, how to set attainable goals, and what AI can and cannot do, in order to make these projects successful.

45 minutes

After the Virus: From & To your NEW Future of Work

Very little will remain unchanged by COVID-19; politics, socioeconomics, business, work, and quite simply, life as we know it. In this session, we’ll give you a gaze into what the world will look like in 2023 – a time that’s far enough away for the implications of the virus to have materially changed things but not so far away that pure idle speculation reigns supreme.  “From” describes where we are, and “to” describes where we’re going. By propelling ourselves forward several years and looking back at all the changes precipitated by the virus, we chart a path forward and provide lead indicators of what is to come. And suggest that — YES! — there is a future of work.

45 minutes

Silicon Valley’s Accelerated Approach to Leadership Development

Given its speed of change, intense competition for talent, and focus on specialized organizational cultures, Silicon Valley requires leadership development programs and approaches that meet their leaders’ needs. Accelerated leadership development is embraced throughout Silicon Valley firms to provide real-time, directly-relevant, culture-enhancing, data-driven, leadership experiences and growth. In this session we’ll address:

  • what sets Silicon Valley leaders’ development needs apart from other industry leaders
  • what accelerated leadership development is
  • how Facebook, Google and other Silicon Valley firms create accelerated leadership experiences
  • how you can leverage accelerated leadership development for your firms
60 minutes

Why Silicon Valley Out-Innovates Europe (and the rest of the world)

While interesting technology companies have developed all around the world, for the past few decades Silicon Valley has produced the vast majority and had some of the largest commercial successes. Many regions have attempted to duplicate the successful characteristics and hoped for similar innovation to flourish, and while some have made progress (“Silicon Roundabout” in the UK for instance) the vast majority have been disappointing. In this presentation Ted Shelton, an Expert Partner with Bain & Company and a tech entrepreneur and executive for the past thirty years, will explore the crucial qualities that continue to differentiate Silicon Valley from every other tech startup cluster. In an age in which technology is becoming more and more important to every business, understanding the ingredients needed for innovation to flourish is essential for every business.


45 minutes

Don’t Fear Disruption: Find & Develop Your Innovators, the Silicon Valley Way

Before the pandemic, over 80 percent of large organizations already felt they were at risk of disruption. The pandemic since forced companies to change faster than they ever thought possible. Large organizations now accept that we are entering a period of exponential change, what has been called “The Innovation Age.” As a result, large enterprises share a renewed ambition to accelerate their innovation success, to develop a workforce that constantly revitalizes the organization; to become an organization that doesn’t just survive, but one that thrives in uncertainty.

Join Suzan Briganti, CEO & Founder of Swarm Vision, for a fascinating view into the science of innovation talent. Swarm Vision conducted the world’s largest study of serial, successful innovators. The Swarm innovation system identifies the innovation talent in your workforce with 99% reliability, designs more mentally-diverse and inclusive teams, and upskills your people dramatically in just 8 weeks, while driving a true culture of innovation.

Learn how some of the world’s largest organizations, from the US Military to Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez, PepsiCo and NASA use Swarm to transform themselves for the Innovation Age. Suzan will pepper her talk with hilarious stories from her upcoming book, Bootstrapped, about growing up in Silicon Valley before it was even called that, and her improbable adventure as a female tech founder.

45 minutes

How Silicon Valley’s unique culture creates enterpreneurs out of engineers

A lot of ink has been spilled analyzing the phenomenon of Silicon Valley as a factory for innovation, producing successful technology entrepreneurs at a rate that far surpasses Germany. And while Germany produces more than its fair share of raw engineering talent, many of the brightest move to the Silicon Valley to make the most of their talents. Is there something unique at play or is this success replicable within Germany and other countries?

In this talk, I share my take on the unique cocktail of reasons that set Silicon Valley apart as a hub of entrepreneurship and visionaries, bolstered by examples from my own journey; among them, the spirit of risk-taking, a desire to pay it forward, and the magic of network effects.

45 minutes

Building a successful corporate venturing arm for a European multi national company

Traditionally European corporates have largely driven their innovation through R&D programs and university collaborations. As the pace of technological change accelerates, partnering with startups becomes an essential part of any robust innovation strategy. Setting up a corporate venturing arm enabling these partnerships is however a non-trivial task due to lack of access as well as disparate priorities of startups and corporates. This becomes even complicated due to geographic and cultural differences between Silicon valley and Europe. In this short presentation, we will discuss the different aspects of making this work – from assessing internal priorities and aligning stakeholders to building a brand and executing investments and partnerships.

45 minutes

Multi-sided Platforms – Unraveling Silicon Valley’s Growth Engine

Silicon Valley’s unmatched growth capabilities nourish from its habit of thinking bigger than products and services: It builds platforms. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Uber, and Netflix are only a few of Silicon Valley’s most disruptive and fastest-growing platform companies. They create value not by producing products, but by connecting distinct groups of customers. The dynamics and network effects that make these companies successful are not limited to tech-companies but can be harnessed by businesses of any industry to ramp up innovation and unlock growth. This presentation will provide you with an award-winning framework to understand, design, and evaluate platform models and shows how to methodically harness their innovation power.

45 minutes

The IT Trends You Need to Harness for Business Success in the 2020s

Many older, well established companies are impressed by the rapid growth and business agility of Silicon Valley firms. The cost structures and business practices of Silicon Valley firms are sometimes radically different from those of conventional enterprises. Cloud-native Valley companies rely exclusively on cloud-based business applications and computing resources. They build strong security cultures to maintain the regulatory certifications that their customers demand. They rely heavily on automation tools to scale their revenues faster than their labor-related operating expenses. And they make creative use of predictive analytics to continually refine and enhance the online and in-person experiences of their customers.

Silicon Valley is a canary environment in which the IT management practices of the future have been prototyped and perfected. The practices that have transformed business operations in the Valley will eventually transform businesses everywhere. This presentation describes the IT trends that have been adopted and exploited by high-growth Silicon Valley companies. Companies situated outside the Valley need to determine if one or more of these trends can be leveraged and turned into a source of competitive advantage within their industries.

45 minutes

Silicon Valley’s Many Startup Incubation Centers, Entrepreneurship and its Startup Success

There are many small private tech startup incubation centers and acceleration centers and venture capital investment firms around Silicon Valley. These centers have helped lots of angel and VC investors and tech startups to succeed. These centers have lots of events

that have helped many engineers and rich people learn about operations of tech startups and also make connections. The natural environment around Silicon Valley and above kind of tech startup ecosystem are very attractive to worldwide engineers and successive investors.

45 minutes

Catalyzing a Green Recovery

At the heart of Silicon Valley’s culture of innovation sits the energetic process of disrupting lumbering and inefficient industries. Designing something new that better meets customer needs through a process of rapid prototyping, failing fast, pivoting, and then scaling has disrupted the status quo in the past and delivered transformational products and services. What can this process teach us now that COVID has disrupted our public transportation, workplace, commercial supply chain, and education systems? This disaster is an opportunity to reimagine systems that are more responsive while addressing simultaneously cascading crises of public health, climate change, and loss of biodiversity. We have a short window of time to design and deploy a green recovery before the old systems are re-established. Design parameters that accentuate human well-being and the health of natural systems are key to building back better. Justine Burt will share examples from her book The Great Pivot: Creating Meaningful Work to Build a Sustainable Future.

45 minutes

Personalization First, or You Will Be Last

The on-demand economy continues to grow. More consumers purchase products and services from on-demand platforms that use a website or an app to connect them directly with the right product service provider. The on-demand economy generated $110 billion in 2019 and has revolutionized consumer behaviors and shopping experiences. It makes people’s lives more convenient, mobile and fun. With the Uberization of our economy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe there are many reasons to integrate the state of the art technology to comply with our environment and serve your consumers. MadTech is How to align Tech with marketing capabilities to support a consumer-centric vision and deliver seamless consumer experiences. How do brands and consumers connect and engage in real-time in this new consumer ecosystem?

45 minutes

Secrets to the Success of Silicon Valley

Machine-based computing emerged in the 1940s and 1950s, primarily in the UK and the US, with some following developments in the Soviet Union. Industry-defining developments unfolded primarily in the United States. In the 1960s, electronic technology was emerging in two key locations in the U.S. One was along the Route 128 belt in Massachusetts, an arc with a 15-mile radius around Boston. The other was in California’s Silicon Valley, encompassing the area from San Francisco to San Jose.

We identify and trace the factors that explain why, even though the two areas started about even in the mid-1960s, Silicon Valley moved significantly beyond the Route 128 center – and Europe – to become and remain the pre-eminent national and international leader in computer tech.

45 minutes

Beyond Innovation

Thirty years from now, the age we live in today will be remembered as digitally dark. Still disconnected and even data adverse. Look around and still very few objects are connected, let alone smart, and despite years of talk of AI, most operations still require human interaction.

In the coming few years, Artificial Intelligence meets Robotics, the Human Body meets Sensorification, and the Corporation finally meets the Digital Nervous System.

How are some of the current mega trends converging and what does it mean for all of us?

45 minutes

Collaborating with the startup ecosystem to drive innovation in large organizations

The world is entering an era where ideas and insights come from everywhere – crowds, competitors, collaborators, and co-creators. Furthermore, the pandemic has left many organizations with the choice to disrupt or be disrupted. Now more than ever, innovation means enterprises need to examine both how and who will help them create the next generation of solutions. During her presentation, Sonal will focus on the innovation ecosystem – what it is, how to harness it, and where professional services firms fit in. She will highlight a few recent use cases and discuss how to co-develop solutions with startups to solve client problems.

45 minutes

The Three Dynamics of Transformation: Iteration, Innovation, and Disruption

Everybody wants to learn how to be innovative. It’s one of the reasons that Silicon Valley has become like Disneyland. Even though innovation is a global movement, Silicon Valley innovation is different. But, not for the reasons you think. There’s a balance between iteration, innovation, and disruption that’s at the heart of everything.

Ideation, invention, imagination, creativity, grit, and resilience make innovation a way of life. Add to that a unique and long-established ecosystem to attract and invest in the best talent from all over the world, and you have a fine-tuned microcosm that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Brian Solis has been part of the innovation machine in Silicon Valley dating back to 1996. Brian has launched over 1,000 startups, advised Fortune 500 companies in the development of innovation and investment strategies, and published books and research on the state and future of innovation.

In this enlightening and motivating session, Brian will share his insights on what organizations need to understand about Silicon Valley innovation and how to be innovative within their own company. More so, he will share how to integrate iteration and innovation into our own organizations to disrupt ourselves and change our trajectory toward growth.

Additionally, Brian’s session will explore …

The true definition of iteration vs. innovation and why companies that think they’re innovative, aren’t.

The enemies and champions of innovation.

The rise of the Novel Economy and how it’s giving all companies a second chance at innovation.

Share how to create a new future, beyond the next normal.

How to organize and build a culture that unleashes innovation.


60 minutes

Inflection Point – Turning insights into action

Creating actionable initiatives from research findings is a difficult process for companies of any size and at any stage of growth. The process, however, is how many innovative Silicon Valley companies set themselves apart from the rest of the world. Morgan spent the last decade shepherding innovation initiatives through his work with some of the top minds in research and innovation at companies like IDEO, Google, and Adobe. He will talk about research, the need for collaboration, the process of translating insights into action, and the core steps to developing a strategic initiative.

Following the session, Morgan will host a panel discussion with innovators and industry experts in design, business, and research on how they develop insights and their process of translating those insights into actionable initiatives.

45 minutes

How to build a corporate analytics and artificial intelligence center of excellence

Building models and applications is only one of many activities required to generate value with analytics and artificial intelligence. True impact is created by embedding analytics and artificial intelligence in business and decision-making processes, and getting business functions to follow along is a journey. This journey begins with a trusted advisor relationship between the center of excellence and the business function to understand and prioritize the possibilities.  What follows is a highly iterative approach to development and production trials. And it ends with legacy-infrastructure integration, change management, and a solid communications plan. This presentation elaborates on the steps of this journey and explains how companies can build analytics and artificial intelligence centers of excellence that address all of them.

45 minutes

Successful Business Model Transformation: From Disruption to Leadership

Silicon Valley is changing faster than ever before. In order to get ahead in this dynamic environment while driving to dominance in markets, companies have shifted away from piecemeal changes by taking a holistic approach to business model transformation. As global business and the environment changes significantly, it is critical to adapt and evolve rapidly. What do companies need to focus on in order to compete effectively, and how should they approach this successfully?

45 minutes

Emotional Intelligence: The Essential Tool for Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation and disruptive technologies must happen so quickly, it is natural for people to focus on the technology details; however, successful change is dependent on the people involved – how they adapt and execute. Essentially, Emotional Intelligence is a set of practical tools that enable managers to develop people-based skills. This session offers several tools that participants can immediately begin using to help their teams achieve digital transformation success.

45 minutes

How to have a builders mindset even (or especially) during uncertain times?

How do you pivot during COVID when your core business (rides for Uber) is down 70% YoY (Year on Year) and we are in uncertain times? Turns out – there is a lot we can do. If your core DNA is building, if you hire well (raise the bar and continue to advocate for that), if you have a resilient culture, if you have a builders mind-set, then you can always count on your strengths and pivot quickly. Not just during challenging times but especially during challenging times.

45 minutes

Digital Transformation: Business and Technical Considerations for the C-Suite

Digital transformation can happen at any time and at any scale, starting with either one small workload or launching an entire business service in response to market demand. Testing the elasticity of your data services without the right solution, during a global demand bursts, is like testing the sails of a boat during a category-3 hurricane, expect the unexpected. Business applications must ride-out the fluctuations in demand seamlessly, and at the lowest total cost, as employees and partner ecosystems push the accelerator to keep things moving in the right direction. Digital transformation happens exactly because of change; that’s the point. We exist at NetApp, to provide digital transformation through hybrid cloud data services. Let’s explore…

45 minutes

New Opportunities for Partnerships between Silicon Valley and Europe from 2021 and beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way businesses can strategize cross-border partnerships, opening more opportunities than it has created economic challenges. From virtualization of work, allowing lower entry barriers in new niches, to lower operating costs. The differences between continental markets were reduced by the fact that customers are now living a more similar lifestyle. Europe and the Americas have already historic commonalities when it comes to digital transformation. The next 2-5 years promise to open new chances of bilateral deals for innovation partnerships between companies that want to explore new territories with new allies. And a few areas in technology seem to point where the most growth can be developed.

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