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Silicon Valley meets Europe: Insights for Managers


Silicon Valley meets Europe: Insights for Managers

Gain interesting insights directly from managers and experts from the San Francisco Bay Area and realize new competitive advantages. Watch a large number of interesting videos on any day and at any time you want and take part in an online interactive session, in which you can network with speakers and other guests. The videos have a length of approximately 20 hours in total. This premium conference is organized by Prof. Dr. Dieter Christian and his cooperation partners and is perfect for European CEOs, managers and their employees of all industries.

Among others, the speakers will address the following issues in respect of the Silicon Valley:

  • What are the culture drivers around innovation that differ elsewhere?
  • Which approaches are implemented regarding business model innovation and (digital) disruption?
  • What can European managers learn from successful Silicon Valley companies?
  • How do companies deal with emerging technologies and with change in general?
  • How is the term “digitization” interpreted in the San Francisco Bay Area?
  • Should managers be innovators, or should they only administrate their companies?

The advantage of the videos is that you can watch them on any day and at time, you want. You can even watch them over a period of several months, if you have a narrow time schedule. During each of the interactive sessions, you can network up to 5 hours. You can attend one of the interactive sessions or, if you like, even several of them. They will take place at the following dates:

  • Aug 26th, 2020
  • Oct 16th, 2020
  • Nov 27th, 2020

The agenda of the congress will be published, soon. Just leave your e-mail address (without incurring any obligation to register) and name below and you will automatically be notified, when the agenda is complete. Get fit for the future, now!

Preliminary Agenda

30 minutes

Silicon Valley in a post COVID world – We build again

San Francisco and the broader Silicon Valley was one of the first regions in the USA to promulgate a “shelter in place” ordination during the early period of COVID-19. While this preemptive move potentially saved countless lives, it did have an immediate and chilling effect on the startup economy. While bringing a few startups such as Zoom into prominence – the entire value chain, from venture capital, early to late stage startups and consumers have had to rapidly adapt to an entirely new world. Examples from this time provide blueprints of fear, resiliency and adaptability – insights into the true DNA of the valley. While there will be many firms going belly-up, what is certain is that the survivors will emerge stronger, bigger and more resilient than their peers.

Joseph Noronha

Detecon USA

30 minutes

AI, IoT, HCI, Digital Companion – yes, we can do this!

This talk focuses on the technological and cultural differences between Europe and Silicon Valley. It will review the endeavor of Siemens setting office in Silicon Valley, embracing opportunities and integrating them into the global portfolio. Additionally, this talk will particularly focus on the notion of Digital Companions. A Digital Companion is an entity that enhances human capabilities. It digests, integrates, and shares information with humans so they can focus on meaningful tasks. According to the user needs, a Digital Companion can act as a guardian, assistant, or partner. The Digital Companion embodiment adapts to what best suits the current user context and needs. This talk will review learnings and guidelines for becoming a successful global innovator.

30 minutes

Is there a New Normal for Supply Chain Management?

The need to reduce the carbon footprint and to achieve sustainability objectives already started to impact global supply chains. The global pandemic is accelerating the digital transformation of industries and the need to redefine supply chains and manufacturing. There is a once in a life time chance to redesign supply chains which are delivering affordable and individualized products to the mass market by fulfilling sustainability targets.

30 minutes

Change Management Culture in Silicon Valley

We’ve all made attempts to influence change in our company culture. We will cover the patterns of three Silicon Valley companies that made a positive change. We’ll look into the early growth of a design-thinking culture seen at PayPal, the introduction of Silicon Valley culture to Rosetta Stone, and the transformation of Symphony Communications into a unicorn start-up.

As part of the team that helped lead the transformation of these three incredible companies, we’ll be reviewing the strategy, tactics, and culture of how each turned into an “Agile-Thinking” company using Lean Principles and Design-Thinking. I will educate and inspire the audience on the critical steps taken from all three companies and how to replicate them in your organizations

45 minutes

The Innovation Ecosystem Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is not just a place, it is a state of mind. This talk aims to unveil the hidden history of the world’s leading innovation ecosystem. Furthermore you will learn about the special culture and mechanisms that make Silicon Valley tick. By taking a closer look at mobility trends you will understand which crucial role this region plays in inventing the future.

The list of presentations will be extended and completed, shortly.

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