Silicon Valley meets Europe


Silicon Valley meets Europe


During this 2-day-congress, experts from the United States will give interesting insights to European managers and employees into the approach of successful Silicon Valley companies. The congress, which is organized by Prof. Dr. Dieter Christian and his cooperation partners, will be held in English and will take place in the beautiful downtown of Vienna. The speakers will address issues like the following:

  • Why are some Silicon Valley companies that successful?
  • What can European managers and employees learn from these companies?
  • Are Europeans afraid of developing and financing really innovative business models?
  • How can a company develop its digital strategy?
  • How do Europeans define the term “digitalization” and how is it interpreted in the United States?
  • Are Europeans managers innovators or do they only administrate their companies?
  • What is a digital or innovative mindset?
  • Which corporate culture, which organizational structure and which leadership approaches exist in Silicon Valley?
  • Is a culture, in which innovative business models are allowed to fail, necessary, if Europe wants to be successful in the future?

These are just a few examples of the questions that will be discussed. Within two days, you will get a lot of inspiration and a large number of new contacts, because networking is encouraged. The agenda of the congress and its date will be published in a few weeks. Just leave your e-mail address and name below and you will automatically be notified, when the agenda is complete!