Old Economy Meets Silicon Valley. Somewhere in the Middle.

Florian Neukart

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The Volkswagen Group has been operating offices in Silicon Valley for more than a decade. We are an old economy company, and we have been in business for 83 years, but make no mistake: being around for a long time does not guarantee a glorious future. One of the reasons for our presence in Silicon Valley has always been learning from those who made future their business, and attracting new talent. Another is to understand and learn about cutting edge technologies – Silicon Valley is not hesitant to explore radical ideas, and failing is not a stigma, as long as you learn something. On the flip side, not only good things happen where the future dictates the present – keeping your history in mind, and learning from the past is a strength, too. In this talk, we will explore where the old economy and the valley of the future meet. Somewhere in the middle.

29 minutes

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