Don’t Fear Disruption: Find & Develop Your Innovators, the Silicon Valley Way

Suzan Briganti

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Before the pandemic, over 80 percent of large organizations already felt they were at risk of disruption. The pandemic since forced companies to change faster than they ever thought possible. Large organizations now accept that we are entering a period of exponential change, what has been called “The Innovation Age.” As a result, large enterprises share a renewed ambition to accelerate their innovation success, to develop a workforce that constantly revitalizes the organization; to become an organization that doesn’t just survive, but one that thrives in uncertainty.

Join Suzan Briganti, CEO & Founder of Swarm Vision, for a fascinating view into the science of innovation talent. Swarm Vision conducted the world’s largest study of serial, successful innovators. The Swarm innovation system identifies the innovation talent in your workforce with 99% reliability, designs more mentally-diverse and inclusive teams, and upskills your people dramatically in just 8 weeks, while driving a true culture of innovation.

Learn how some of the world’s largest organizations, from the US Military to Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez, PepsiCo and NASA use Swarm to transform themselves for the Innovation Age. Suzan will pepper her talk with hilarious stories from her upcoming book, Bootstrapped, about growing up in Silicon Valley before it was even called that, and her improbable adventure as a female tech founder.

22 minutes

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