Business Model Innovation: Insights from the Silicon Valley

David Summa

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Would you ever eliminate the R&D function from your business? Of course not. It generates profitable new revenue. Anyone can look back over 10 years and measure the return on that investment. But does your company have a Business Model Innovation function? Very few do, despite the fact that business model innovation has created trillions of dollars in market capitalization driven by new businesses you read about every day. Ten years from now, leading companies will have just such a function and will have new profitable revenue to show for it.

In Silicon Valley, we regard new products and business models as two sides of the same coin. But not everyone has the same understanding of just what business model innovation is. This talk will answer several important questions so you can get the conversation started in your business.

  • What is a business model?
  • When is the right time to consider a new business model?
  • How do incumbents respond to a new business model?
  • How can my company engage in business model innovation?
49 minutes

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